Scalebound, Quantum Break en Crackdown 3 niet naar Windows 10 PC

Dorian de la Fosse | Wednesday 12 Aug 2015, 16:37

Nog niet in ieder geval.

In een interview met Gamespot heeft het hoofd van de Xbox divisie, Phil Spencer, een uitgebreide uitleg gegeven over waarom de games niet gelijk naar Windows 10 komen:

"In the case of things like Scalebound or Crackdown or Quantum Break, you know, just to be completely honest with you, we started those games before we really looked at expanding into Windows in the way that I wanted to bring as part of becoming head of Xbox.

Going to those teams mid-cycle and saying: 'Hey, by the way, I want to add a platform,' didn't really feel like necessarily the best way to end up with the best result for the game. They had a path that they were on. It's not to say those games could never come to Windows, but right now we're on the path to finish the great games that they've started, and I want that to be the case. These games are on a path, whereas with, like, Halo Wars 2 I had the opportunity from the beginning, when we're sitting down with the studio, to say, 'Here's the target. Here's what we wanna go do.'

Even with Gears, like the Gears 1 remake, we thought about framerate, we thought about multiplayer. The opportunity to bring it to Windows in a refreshed way felt like a great opportunity from the beginning. I'm trying to be more deliberate in the choices that we make."

Dit betekent dus niet dat de games nooit naar Windows 10 zullen komen, maar de games waren al in ontwikkeling voordat het idee van Windows 10 werd toegepast. Lijkt het jullie leuk om de games ook te spelen op de PC?



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